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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Bringing the indoors to the outside creates more entertaining space for your family and friend gatherings. In most climates from the south to the north, the outdoor entertainment area is very popular and in demand. 

From condos and townhomes, to homes with decks or sparkling yards, the basic concept of outdoor living can be obtained.  
From condos, townhomes decks to homes with sparkling yards, the basic concept of outdoor living can be obtained.  Some key areas to consider for an exciting and entertaining area are below.
1)    Living/Lounge Area
Arrange area with seating in a conversation configuration. Look for furniture that can stand up to the weather elements.  Adding decorative pillows made of outdoor fabric can help to accessorize and personalize your sofa.  

2)    Dining Area
A dining area outdoors offers the opportunity to host your dinner party or enjoy some meals with nature.  Typically people like to position the dining area near the kitchen for ease of transport of food.

3)    Grill Area or Bar Area
For those homeowners who have the backyard or patio space, creating an area for the grill is a necessity. However, for the condo, townhome or loft dweller where a grill is not allowed, don’t be dismayed, one can have the option to have a bar/prep area for food and drinks. Defining the function of your outdoor space helps to make the most of your space.

Bring on the summertime fun!

Nita Gray
Real Estate Professional

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