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Micah 7:18-19 states that, “God pardons iniquity, forgives mistakes, and forgets our sins, by throwing them in the depth's of the sea.”

 He's truly a God of second chances. Here is where the story begins for Elder Leroy Tavares, Jr., and his First Lady, Jacqueline. They met by chance, became friends, and began dating. Their love and respect for one another grew stronger. This friendship grew out of a growing love for the Lord. This love for the Lord lead to their union.     

            The couple attributes the success of their marriage to many factors, but they all boil down to, “The Love of God.” Wanting to please the Lord drives them to do what they do. The covenant of marriage between the ordained Elder Leroy Tavares, Jr and his First Lady Jacqueline has always been a mutual agreement between them to remain bound together by the Word-of-God. Also, to adhere to Ephesians 5:21-33. The Word-of-God is what rules and reigns over their covenant. Two suggestions they received early in their marriage that has helped, was to spend plenty of quality time together while having a great amount of open-minded communication.  

            The formula that Pastor Leroy Tavares, Jr. gives to his congregation, pre-marital counseling couples, and to anyone who will listen is to firstPray;” secondly,Read the word of God (daily);” thirdly, “Meditate on what you've read;” and finally, “Obey IT.” When a married couple spends time together praying and reading the Bible, this will strengthen the bond of their covenant with each other, and more importantly will strengthen their relationship with their God.  

            While staying busy with duties at their church, both Pastor Leroy and Sister Jacqueline are actively working in different areas. Jacqueline is completing her Psychology degree at Liberty University, so she may continue to work with young women at the church, in the school system, and throughout the community. Jacqueline has also retired from Stark County Developmentally Disabled program which gave her the opportunity to work with individuals who suffer from mental and physical disabilities. This was a passion of hers that gave her great satisfaction for many years.

            Pastor Tavares holds a Master of Theology from Liberty University Baptist Theological seminary, and is the senior Pastor over the Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Canton, Ohio, where he and Sister Jacqueline minister the gospel to members, friends, family, and visitors. This year, Grace Christian Fellowship Church began a cancer support group that focuses on the mental aspect of the disease. They have also initiated the “Fellowship Friday's,” events where the congregation and friends get together to build Christian relationships, watch Christian movies, and have local artists come to praise and worship the Lord.

            Pastor Tavares who taught Anatomy & Physiology at the downtown Atlanta Everest College campus, also holds a Bachelors of Applied Management, and is CEO of the Eagle's Courage non-profit organization that teaches business planning, communication, and uses biblical princples to reinforce God's authority over successful business. Pastor Tavares is also a published author of the prayer book, “Supernatural Communication With God.”

            The Tavares' have the love and support of their families and church family. Pastor Leroy, and his First Lady, Jacqueline, are thankful for the blood of Jesus, give total credit to the Holy Spirit for guiding their lives, and render All the Glory to God.

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