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Dr. Lawrence & Shernita Wynder

Dr. Lawrence & Shernita Wynder



If you don’t like something, CHANGE IT, if you can’t change it…change your ATTITUDE!—Dr. Maya Angelou

…Can anything good come out of Nazareth?This was Nathanael’s question after Philip ran to tell him of his encounter with Jesus, who had just arrivedin Galilee from Nazareth, and personally invited Philip to follow him.“Come and see,”said Philip. (John 1:46 ESV).When Jesus saw Nathanael approaching, He called him a man“in whom there is no deceit!”

The beautiful thing about this is…although we may question where someone is from, who they are around, or what they look like, it will always be Christ who will see “the best in us.” This is the foundation of the story behind Dr. LawrenceandShernita Wynder. If you knew their beginnings, then you would understand their ending. The astonishing thing about both of them is that they have crossed each other’s path several times, but didn’t realize their destiny until God revealed it in one divine moment. They were both residents of Pensacola, Florida when they were children, and lived only minutes away from each other. They lived in the same cities at some point in their life, and after working together in a high school in Alabama, they ended up reconnecting, finding love, and a second chance at happiness. Most would say that their story seemed common; but, to them, it was definitely “uniquely-devised” by the hands of God, because He allowed them to be seconds from each other at all times. Their daughters share the same name and similar middle names--his daughter, Tia Danielle, and her daughter, Tia Janielle, and sons, Stephon, CJ, granddaughters, Zalayvia, Zamora and Camrynn complete their family. Two failed marriages each, they’d almost given up on finding their soul mate, but maintained their faith.I was determined not to settle anymore for less than God’s best for me and it paid off. I couldn’t have asked for someone any better, we fit together perfectly…for us, in everything. God granted me my request and I am humbled and ready for our second chance. We are not perfect, but we were perfected for each other and it’s changed the way we see life.—Shernita

Dr. Wynder stated,I was impressed when I worked with her at Wilcox Central, because of how the kids took to her, even the most troubled ones… and how she never complained when the principal kept asking her to teach in classrooms where teachers were leaving. But, she was married at the time, and for me that was “off-limits,” so we became good friends, speaking of ministry and our ability to use it to help the children there. I didn’t know she was from Pensacola and she wasn’t aware I was also. Our friendship was built on shared purpose. So when our paths crossed again, I knew it was fate. Dr. Wynder is the Apostle/Founder of Empowerment Christian Center International Ministries.Former employee of Emory University, Atlanta; he’s taught in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. He presently teaches Religious Studies at Pensacola State and Mathematics at ITT Tech. He has BA/MA degrees in Religious Studies (University West Florida-UWF), MA in Mathematics (Xavier University), Education Specialist Degree and doctorate in Education Administration (UWF).Dr. Lawrence Wynder is a skilled musician and published author of three books: "When the Problem Is Me," "I Live Because He Spoke a Living Word into My Dead Situation"and "Beyond Walls." 


Shernita Wynderis aTrendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine,Senior Freelance Writer whose drive propelled her into the media circuit in Atlanta, opening doors to integrate the skills she possessed. As an ordained Evangelist, she’s been in ministry for seven years, speaking at numerous women conferences and seminars, now Co-Pastor of ECC. She feels their past pitfalls, trials, and triumphs have prepared them for their call. She has over 20 years combined experience in education, creative design, technical/creative writing, and advanced technology skills: A.S. in Secondary Education (Alabama Southern Community College); B.S.-Art Education (Auburn Univ. of Montgomery); MA- Technology Integration; and, earning an EDD- Instructional Technology and Distance Education (Nova Southeastern Univ.) She is the Editor/Publisher of her own companies, Car'mel-Velocity Pennation Publishing and Tree of Life'spirations Press providing services to authors wanting to self-publish. She has three books ready for release from her own collection, "Rise of the Phoenix""Colors of Me" and "Purposeful Living for Life's Journey Diaries,"along with new releases from other authors,The Tree HouseandThe Tree House II(suspense thriller inspired by true accounts) andExtraordinary(an inspirational children’s book). Shernita is a celebrity journalist, visual artist, singer, poet, writer, author, and CEO/Founder of Trinity Entertainment Productions Mediacreating video footage for businesses to market products, brand themselves, cover events, and create production of TV shows, film, documentaries, andplays. Dr. Wynder uses his skills in both companies.

The Wynders married on August 28, 2015, and are combining their gifts, skills, and experiences to inspire and encourage. Their foundation,Project Educate, willempower,educateandpromoteleadership and excellence to youth and adults in the communities."I know God has entrusted me with many gifts not for myself, but for the use in His Kingdom. Therefore, I will utilize each one inside and outside the church. I will invest the Lord's talents to get the return He requires before His return creatively."—Shernita

Dr. Wyndershares similar sentiments,“With God as my guide, I have vowed to take the gospel into known and unknown lands, spreading the Good News of Salvation as Christ EMPOWERS me to help others to seek God's face and direction, for their soul salvation. I am a Servant of God, and my wife and I will use our creative gifts for the good of the Kingdom.”

To learn more about Dr. Lawrence and Shernita Wynder, their ministries, and businesses,, FaceBook Page:Empowerment Christian Center Int. and Twitter:@ECCintl.






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