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CANTON, OHIO’S PASTOR ROB: Leaving Nothing on the Table

CANTON, OHIO’S PASTOR ROB: Leaving Nothing on the Table


Canton, Ohio native, Pastor Anthony M. Robinson, known to many as “Pastor Rob”, knew at an early age he wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. He thought his dream of playing in the NBA was “it”. He had no idea that God had something else in store for his life until years later when he realized his voice was a gift from God. Eventually he began to use his gift through singing and preaching to educate, inspire and motivate all who would listen.

 A graduate of Canton McKinley High School, Pastor Rob was a key player on the basketball team that earned a state championship title in 1984. He then went on to further his education at Bowling Green State University and he ultimately earned a Master’s Degree in Theology from Malone University. Pastor Rob considers himself to be an ambitious, funny, outgoing family man who never takes no for an answer. He is a songwriter/musician and he plans to launch his own apparel line in the future.

Pastor Rob’s journey to the ministry began at an early age. He grew up singing in a small church on the north side of Canton and was instilled with good, wholesome family values. It was during those early days that Pastor Rob imagined that he might one day be a preacher and discovered he had a passion for music. His music dreams were placed on the backburner as he went to college to pursue a degree. He continued to sing and write music but focused on a career in basketball. After playing professional basketball overseas for three years, he realized his aspirations to be a professional baller were not in alignment with God’s plan for his life. He reached back to his Christian upbringing which challenged him far beyond expectation. It was then, in 1998, he accepted God’s call and mission for his life and began preaching the gospel. He has been the Senior Pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Massillon, Ohio for 13 years.

Pastor Rob believes he is the man he is today because he gained knowledge and wisdom from his parents, the church, teachers and community leaders. In submitting to God’s will, Pastor Rob learned how to grow from negative experiences and show humility. His role as a pastor is the driving force behind his music. He says, “When I’m singing, it’s like I’m preaching as well”.   When writing gospel songs, Pastor Rob’s goal is to create music that has a trendy vibe, yet is relevant to what people are going through in their daily lives. This allows his listeners to always refer to one of his songs and relate it to a message he preaches.

Pastor Rob has set high standards when it comes to preaching and singing the gospel. His ultimate mission is to reach people of all backgrounds, genders, and all walks of life through his lyrics and his preaching.   Each day he sets out to motivate people and help them realize and exercise their gift. His motto in life is for people to “Leave nothing on the table and never quit”. In other words, wake up with a plan, work your plan, so when you lie down at night you can feel a sense of accomplishment for the day.   Pastor Rob encourages everyone to “never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something; let that negative energy be the driving force to push you into your destiny, and always finish what you set out to do and live life with no regrets!”

While Pastor Rob has had a passion for singing all of his life, he didn’t realize the depth of his musical gift until he crossed paths with one of Canton’s dynamic music producers, Thr3efourteen of Mega Beats International. It was only a matter of time that his smooth, soulful voice would be heard not only preaching the gospel but singing songs that would inspire and uplift listening audiences all around the world. Pastor Rob’s debut CD Love and Life was released in 2012. The R&B CD featured 6 tracks and was meant to inspire people in their love relationships. His second CD, Time, was a mix of Neo Soul, R&B and contemporary gospel flavor. Released in 2014, the suspense of this project gave Pastor Rob confirmation that his ministry would be boundless. Imagine his surprise when he heard his music had been purchased in The Netherlands!   At the time, he did not have a marketing strategy or a distribution label. He was “self-promoted”. That same year, his third CD, Face 2 Face was also released. “Power”, his most recent single, was released in August of 2017. The song was inspired by his producer, Thr3efourteen. “He gave me a track to listen to and a couple weeks later, I woke up with lyrics”. According to Pastor Rob, Thr3efourteen wanted a song with a trendy beat and a message that encouraged people to realize they have the power to not only make a change, but be the change they want to see in the world. As the lyrics say, “you need power every day…power to make you live right…power to make you thankful”.  

Pastor Rob has three videos to his credit: “Such a Beautiful Thing” from his Time CD, “I Can’t Help Myself” from his Face 2 Face CD and “Power”, his most recent single. All music videos were produced by Lex Dawson Productions and 8183 Productions. Pastor Rob has performed in various cities in Ohio and is looking forward to collaborating with AWY Entertainment, owned by James Blakeny, in securing concert deals on a larger scale outside of Ohio.

Pastor Rob has a message for anyone seeking to fulfil their music dreams: First, he says to “live outside the box” - keep a fresh outlook, be creative, think differently and never quit! Second, he says you must find someone who is going to be progressive with you. If you are around someone with a negative mentality, you will have to let them go in order to move forward. YOU have to be mentally tough. Third, you must have the fortitude, the work ethic and the drive. For Pastor Rob, it has taken his time, his money, marketing himself and a steady grind. “People have a false sense of reality if they think this is easy”.

Pastor Rob has become a household name when it comes to ministry and music in Northeast Ohio. He is a TRENDSETTER who has mastered his gift. His music can be heard in the United States, Bermuda, St. Kitts, Jamaica, England, and as far as The Netherlands.

In 2018, expect to see more videos off his tracks, a concert with a well-known national gospel artist, and a new single in July. He says he wants his music to go as far as God will take it. Perhaps the four corners of the Earth.

Pastor Rob is married to the lovely Juanita Robinson, who does background vocals for most of his tracks. They have four sons and two grandchildren.

Fans of Pastor Rob can find him on Social Media. Pastor Anthony Robinson’s Nation Facebook Chatroom, Pastor Anthony Robinson@3334 on Twitter and his website -

You can listen to his music on Pandora and/or purchase his music via ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play or

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