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The Power of R.E.D.

The Power of R.E.D.



If you choose to indict me for wearing red, I guess I’ll be guilty by association.


With my left hand on the Bible and my right hand up to God, I tell no lies and make no apologies. In the court of public 

opinion, I plead the fifth; because when a woman wears the color red---everybody becomes guilty of something! The color red is stimulating and exciting all by itself. Often associated with fire, blood and warning, red communicates numerous meanings. It carries more associations than any other color on the color chart. It’s an emotionally intense color, exuding passion, expressing sexual energy, and motivating action. On the other extreme, it can attract an angry bull, promote violence, raise blood pressure and stimulate the human appetite. The control that red has inspires people to love in February, celebrate independence in July and redecorate their home in December. The color red is very powerful! The influence of red is not a new trend. Historically, the Bible refers to the power and extremes of the color red. Isaiah says, “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” Oddly enough, there’s even a story about a harlot named Rahab who helped the Israelite spies and was told that her family could be spared if they put a scarlet cord out of the window. In this case, red symbolizes salvation. R.E.D. will never lose its power. It Redeems. It Empowers. It Defines. Know your why for wearing red. It could literally change your life. Camela is a Professor at Central State University and the owner of Mo Better Me.

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