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Inspiration Trendsetters

Living Legends: Continue The Fight For Justice

Living Legends: Continue The Fight For Justice



The Power of R.E.D.

If you choose to indict me for wearing red, I guess I’ll be guilty by association.

CANTON, OHIO’S PASTOR ROB: Leaving Nothing on the Table

Canton, Ohio native, Pastor Anthony M. Robinson, known to many as “Pastor Rob”, knew at an early age he wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. He thought his dream of playing in the NBA was “it”. He had no idea that God had something else in store for his life until years later when he realized his voice was a gift from God. Eventually he began to use his gift through singing and preaching to educate, inspire and motivate all who would listen.

Courage to Transform: Outside Assessment, Inside Transformation

Often times life’s most difficult struggles are not due to outside forces but internal forces that holds one to stagnation versus making the changes necessary to prevent the struggle.   Let the truth be told, it is not what others are doing or have done; it’s truly about what you are doing and willing to change about yourself. Change begins within and within isn’t anyone else but you!