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Life is a War

Life is a War

Life is a war filled with many battles, but you can’t get the two confused.  War is the absence of peace, measured by its duration, and characterized by extreme aggression and destruction.  A war can go on for years, composed of small battles that can make or break even the greatest of nations.  It must be understood that each battle is only a small part of war.  In life, you will experience victories and defeats, all of which will help you become a better fighter.  The key is to never lose sight of the end game—to win the war. 
I’ve been admonished over and over again to “pick my battles” carefully.  The wiser I get, the more I realize that this long time advice holds an enormous amount of weight in determining my next move.  I’ve fought many battles that were not worth fighting, while I have had others that required me to fight tooth and nail until I won.  Ironically speaking, I’m a lover not a fighter.  Yet in the same breath I can honestly admit that it’s really the other way around.  The truth is, as much as I love – I fight.  The more passionate I am about a battle, I am compelled to fight even harder.  I find that this relationship is contingent upon the love that I have developed for myself. 
The more I love myself, the more I fight for myself.  I would be deceiving myself and others if I were to say that I’m an undefeated fighter.  I can openly admit that I’ve experienced plenty of losses.  There were moments when I felt defeated, only to reflect and realize that it wasn’t my opponent that was stronger, but it was my lack of preparedness and strategy that caused me to experience defeat.  Yes, I’ve had some pretty crafty and strategic opponents, however, they never beat me—I beat myself.  The blame game is not fun, especially when the fingers end up pointing back at you.
In any battle, you want to send your best soldiers to fight to ensure dominance and defeat over your opponent.  In the war of life, you are that soldier.  True soldiers fight until death.  True soldiers don’t give up at the sight of defeat.  True Soldiers identify their strengths and enlist the help of other soldiers in their weakness to hold them up when they’re down.  I challenge you to become that true soldier.  Prepare for the fight. Obtain the proper training and education needed to respond versus reacting to what your opponent brings to the battle.  Produce a strategy that will guarantee a sense of strength in your weakness.  Most importantly, whether you win or lose, be ok with knowing that you fight because you love yourself enough to withstand the war.  
Camela L. Douglass, M.S. ED. is a professional trainer and educator in Columbus, Ohio.  She is the C.E.O. ofMo Better Meand travels internationally to promote healthy lifestyles.


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