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Lost and Found

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Lost and Found

Imagine confidently starting on a new journey. The only major goal on this journey is to be.

Although the path is unfamiliar, you trust that your gift will make room for you. There is no tangible Global Positioning System (GPS) guiding your every step but there is an internal one—your intuition. It faithfully leaves short, subtle hints about how to move, where to move, and who to move with.

Very precise and always speaking, you learn to trust its timing and positioning—until one day you don’t. How could you ignore its faithful guided instruction? Then, you realize you’re lost. Not only are you lost, but you end up somewhere you don’t want to stay and end up paying more than you wanted to pay. LisaBeth Willis knows this route all too well. She was lost. Her face wasn’t on the back of a milk carton or posted on a corner pole but she went missing for 13 years.

LisaBeth’s story is very similar to a lot of her peers. She jovially existed with the rest of the 90’s babies. Conquering campus life, she received a bachelor’s and master’s degree and acquired the corporate job. Then, she networked her way into the Chicago music and film business and lived the dream. She became an executive assistant for Unohoo Entertainment, the record label for Public Announcement post R Kelly. Eventually, the fast life moved slowly and Lisa went back to safety—corporate life and family.

The plan was to spend a year in Ohio but pregnancy turned that into three years. Even after the birth of her son, Lisa’s GPS alerted her to stay on the journey and trust the process. With the support of her family, she moved to New York to pursue music and acting. She landed extra work with the Sopranos and auditioned for the Broadway musical Hair Spray, but motherhood called and wanted mommy back home. As Lisa made her way back to Ohio, she can remember the one prayer she prayed. “God, if I can’t have this (New York, music, acting), at least let me get married.” And not long after that, she was married.

The GPS had been guiding her along; however, she realized she missed a couple of turns. How did she end up unhappily married, pregnant, on bed rest, depressed, detached from her purpose, and attached to her husband’s political dreams? Then, fate would lead her to several unplanned stops; a divorce, major surgery, job loss, and another failed relationship. Intuition had been speaking the whole time, but she wasn’t courageous enough to follow the directions. Her happiness had been locked into relationships with men and children—until she found herself.

LisaBeth Willis finally listened to her internal GPS and was restored back to purpose. She began loving herself layer by layer, inch by inch. The healing process took time, but Lisa did not allow the journey to harden her. She documented this journey in her new book “The BounceBack: From Heartbreak to Wholeness.” In a transparent reveal, Lisa shares how she lost herself but bounced back to her true purpose and passion. Her work continues through speaking engagements, hosting workshops, and her writing as she inspires other women to walk in purpose.

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