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Romella Vaughn

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Romella Vaughn

Born on November 9, 1972, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Romella Vaughn grew up feeling hopeless, bitter and lonely - not wanting to live anymore. She had no idea that life was a set up for the wonderful life God has now blessed her with. While growing up, she watched her mother struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, which rendered her incapable of raising Vaughn and her three siblings. Her father, who raised all four children on his own, struggled with paranoid schizophrenia, causing him to move from place to place, ultimately causing the family to become homeless.

Childhood, for Vaughn was nothing normal. She was forced to take on adult responsibilities when she was 10 years old, and her load was heavy to say the least. Unfortunately, as a teenager; she not only worked, but provided for her baby, three younger siblings and a niece; she also provided for her divorced homeless parents.  Vaughn was not sure of why everything was placed on her shoulders, but it caused her to dream of one day having a better life with someone she could have a wholesome relationship with, depend on, and confide in - she wanted a way out.

At the age of 21, Vaughn couldn’t bear the burden anymore. She decided to walk away from the dysfunction of her family so she could live a happier life. Instantaneously, there was a feeling of freedom, but that didn’t heal the open wounds inside her heart. In 1997, Vaughn met and married the man of her dreams. It was wonderful at first, but eventually they both struggled with infidelity, which led her back to square one - feeling alone, not good enough, and heartbroken. Throughout the years she unknowingly repeated the same pattern, allowing unworthy people into her life, in search of love. The trials of childhood, the infidelity in her marriage, and the betrayal of friends all broke her down.

One day in 2014, Vaughn felt in her spirit that she should share her story in a book. She titled it, “Naked” and writing it was the first step in her healing process. “God revealed to me that He wanted me to expose everything that I had gone through to heal His people.” The pages of her book are filled with personal hurt, bitterness, setbacks, and living with un-forgiveness in her heart. Vaughn also discloses how she broke patterns and how her relationship with Christ saved her life. Forgiving others is the first step to a clean heart and mind, a happier life, and most of all, a complete love for Christ.

As a result of her emotional healing and new spiritual walk, doors opened. Vaughn has been a guest speaker on several Blog Talk Radio shows, and a spotlight author in magazine articles, as many wanted to hear her story. Her calendar is filling up with opportunities to share with and encourage people. She is currently working on a play that will hit the stage in 2016.

What makes Vaughn so amazing is that she isn’t afraid to tell the raw truth of her experiences, and continues to grow in the midst of learning to let go, while encouraging others along the way. She is willing to do whatever it takes to touch people with her story while always giving God the glory. Trusting God’s plan for her life, Vaughn’s mission is to continue to uplift and encourage others.

Romella Vaughn now resides in Dallas, Texas. She is the happy wife of Jude S. Vaughn Sr. and loving mother of their two children.

“Naked” by Romella Vaughn - Facebook/RomellaVaughn

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