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Teach Me How To Love: Why What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You!

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Teach Me How To Love: Why What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You!

Troy Spry is a certified life and relationship coach, and what he calls a REALITY EXPERT! He is known for his honest approach and vulnerable and realistic perspective about dating, relationships, and marriage.  His personal journey through dating and marriage combined with his knowledgeable background as a psychology major, along with his experience as a relationship coach, has helped him to bring a fresh and realistic viewpoint. He is giving you some of his deepest insights about common topics and issues that plague dating and relationships today. He wrote this book for anybody who is frustrated or has ever been frustrated while dating or even within his or her own relationship or marriage. Spry wrote this book for anyone who wants to become more empowered in his or her dating and relationship life, and for those who are tired of getting it wrong, but want to get it right.
Spry offers a different perspective in this book and lets you know that this is not a “how to” book, but this is a “change your mindset” book. He challenges you to think about the way you’ve approached dating or relationships in the past, and then offers you another way of thinking about it, so that you are more empowered and will have better success. Using unique client stories and personal examples, Spry believes that EVERY person will be able to see themselves in this book and will want to shift their thinking about some of the misperceptions they might have had about dating and relationships.
Although there are many relationship and self-help books out there, Spry’s unique writing style keeps you engaged, and his content is so relatable that you will not want to put it down. With chapters like “Be The One,” “Reality Check For Men/Women,” and “Pseudo-Relationships,” Spry challenges you to face yourself, and offers you a new way of thinking about various topics that commonly come up while dating or even in relationships.
Spry named the book Teach Me How To Love: Why What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You, because he realized that although we are taught many things in life, the one thing that’s most important tends to be the one we have the least lessons on. That thing is love. He realized people really bought into the “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” phrase, and that it’s what we DON’T know that is killing us when it comes to dating, relationships, and marriage, resulting in so many ending up hurt.
Spry’s goal for the book is not that you leave with all of the answers, because he knows he doesn’t have them all, but that you finish with a changed mindset. He wants’ you to self-reflect and to also become empowered, educated, and enthusiastic about all of the great possibilities in love! Spry is starting a Teach Me How To Love series, and with this book, class is officially in session! 

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