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Living Legends: Continue The Fight For Justice

Living Legends: Continue The Fight For Justice




GameStop, Inc.

MELI’SA MORGAN Don’t Count her out…She’s STILL Here!!

Most of us remember Meli’sa Morgan’s 1986 debut studio album, Do Me Baby! It reached number 41 on the US Billboard Pop Albums and number 4 on the US R&B Albums chart.

Melinda Santiago: CEO and Talent Manager of the "S" Firm

In an industry where most of the people are untrustworthy, all one sees is the "glitz and the glam"...not the story behind the successes of those who make it, let alone—break it.

A Diamond in the Rough Meet Nephrateri

Since 2015, loyal fans of the Hit Series Empire have been vibing to the music that plays during each and every episode. Not only that, but fans go as far as downloading the music to their phones, going through the hassle to find it on YouTube and other music outlets, and they even go a little further by going out to local stores to buy the soundtracks.

Papa J SEZ Trumpeter, Joey Sommerville

Contemporary Jazz musician, trumpeter Joey Sommerville, was born in Detroit, Michigan. His music can best be described as a funky musical gumbo of jazz, R&B and gospel.

Rufus Waller "Scola Dinaro' Former Member of "Dru Hill"

"Not About the Fame, it’s About the Call and the Journey"