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Angie Stone, born a native of Columbia, SC, is known across the globe as an electrifying recording artist, producer and actress.

Angie began her music career with the hip hop trio, Sequence. Later working with the hip hop & rap group Mantronix and singer Lenny Kravitz, where she further crafted her unique style.  Angie is a self-taught keyboardist who formed the classy R&B Trio, Vertical Hold.  She later signed to Arista in 1999 as a solo artist.  From there, Angie has become one of the industry's most notable creators and has held her spot among the industry’s contemporary R&B and Neo-Soul leading ladies.  Today, we met with Angie to get a better perspective on her music journey and the woman behind the sharp, seductive and smoky sounds we've all come to know.

Sitting down with Angie Stone, we immediately noticed a shift in the atmosphere between the Angie THEN and the Angie NOW.  Same Angie Stone; however, this Angie has blossomed into an even more beautiful butterfly - the kind we need to multiply in today’s society.  Angie opened up and revealed what she wanted the world to know. “People need to know that we are all individually created to be individual. The industry now is different.  If you don't have thick skin, you can't really make it. There's no more research and no more A&R. There's no more cushion.  It's either yes or no or do or die!" Angie even often prepares her son for the real world by telling him, "Throw a dozen eggs on the wall and whatever sticks, sticks!"

Diving deeper into herself, Angie admits that she has been through a lot in her career.  She indicated not having the accolades and winning many prestigious awards; however, Angie recognizes those things never de-valued her.  STILL Angie is in-tune with her gifts, talents and plans for the industry. In fact, Angie spoke about the industry being different due to the social violence, decision makers and music choices of this generation.  She believes self-preservation is the least of our concern. “We are missing the Betty Wright's and the Marvin Gaye's of the world.  These are people who understood who they were. We have to take a stand and come to know OUR culture and what it is we're gifted to do.  So my job with this album is to go back to BOOTCAMP."  

Angie is going back to the soulfulness of her deeply rooted Mahogany Soul album. She is currently working with Candice Nelson, Belawa Muhammad, Teak Underdue, and Walter Millsap on the album entitled, "DINOSAUR".  The new album and single tells women in order to find the end result of where she’s going, she needs to stop digging up old sores and understand dinosaurs [things that happened in her past] are extinct.  Her song "PERFECT" has thought-provoking lyrics describing the images of what we think women look like.  "WHY WE STILL CAN" is a record that prompts us into a forgiving mood and puts us on the road to settling differences and getting things right.  "GLITCH" is a smooth and dirty love song that Angie feels, "Yawl are going to be making baby music to." But, the song with the most interesting title is called "NEVER BRIDE"… the cut is too raw to spoil. ;-)

Ms. Stone attributes everything relating to her success to trusting God.  She voiced that she wasn't looking for "it", that "it" found her. This lady was so humbled in her interview with us, she affirmed: "It's not about me all the time."  She mentioned her desire to help others by doing more producing for celebrities and upcoming artists and overall helping others. That's when she told us about her rap/singing group 565 and her non-profit, Cornerstone Care for Senior Citizens. Her venture, A Heart of Love, stops young girls from experiencing jealousy, envy, and things that don't apply. Her mission is changing the thought patterns of our younger generation and creating ways to supplement the damage and hurt done to children resulting from single-parenting/absentee parents.

This was our gateway into learning more of Angie's spiritual journey and how she got to this point to date.  "Life – Life happens because that's YOUR journey."  She grunts – "The enemy sets traps...but God positions us all.  He's the one who gives."  Angie is positioned where she is today because she stands spiritually for God, herself, and everything that’s to come beyond herself.  She was adamant that Satan doesn't scare her and conceded she's no stranger to coming through the fire.  With conviction she confesses, "I ain't going back no more!"…Angie has maintained her integrity and is not afraid to keep it 100%. She knows it’s the only place to touch lives due to the missing realism in the industry. With everything Angie Stone has gone through, she still manages to propel on to the next! Currently, Ms. Stone has a brand new radio show and will be receiving an honorary doctorate degree. Look out for Dr. Angie Stone's new album in stores and online everywhere in September.

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