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Tina Williams

Tina Williams

Ms. Williams wears a plethora of hats; she's also the CEO/Founder of
Posh Entertainment Brand Management Firm. Tina is a native of New
Orleans, La. She relocated to Dallas, Texas in 2007; she currently
resides in Atlanta, Ga.

Ms. Williams has over 20 plus years working in
Corporate America as a Human Resource Director; she holds dual
undergrad degrees, a Bachelor of Science Business Management, Bachelor
of Science Human Resource Management & MBA pursuance. She's passionate
about her purpose and destine to become one of the most influential
successful business women in America.

"An Educated Mind can Change the Trajectory of your Life"- TW

“My Beauty doesn't define me, peoples thoughts of who i am doesn't
define me. I’m an educated woman, but that doesn't define me; my pass
doesn't define me, my socio-economic status doesn't define me, and
materialistic things surely doesn't define me. What defines me is how
I choose to live my life daily; Am I an instrument of encouragement to
those who cross my path. My humanitarian and philanthropic efforts
inspire me. The love of God within my heart ignites me. I wear no
mask, what you see is what you get. I pride myself on being an
Authentic, passionate, and unique individual” Stand in your Truth! “I
Am Bold, I Am Fierce & Obviously Unstoppable"- Tina Williams

Vice President/ COO of Trendsetters to Trendsetters Media Group

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