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Greta Wheeler

Greta Wheeler

Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Albany, Georgia, Greta Wheeler graduated from Albany State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications in December of 2007. 

Wanting to hone in on her writing skills for television and film, she enrolled at Full Sail University and in 2011, received her Masters Degree in Creative Writing.

Greta has served as a news writer and producer, creating news teases and pitching story ideas for interview segments for WFXL Fox 31 in Albany, Ga.

In 2007, Greta, along with participating senior class members of the Mass Communications Department at Albany State University, won the NBPC Award for her part as Head Writer on the Albany Movement Documentary.

Recently she served as member of the Atlanta Screenwriters Group as part of a team of writers pitching stories as well as editing and rewriting various scripts.

Greta joined the Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine family in May of 2013.

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