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Derek Payne

Derek Payne Featured

Derek Payne is the owner of DPI Graphic Design, located in Columbus, Ohio.

He established an interest in the publishing field through the efforts of his father, a current newspaper publisher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Derek worked as an architectural and engineering technician wih several of Columbus's top firms for over 13 years. Upon his decision to discontinue in the field of his formal college education, Derek felt the need to re-invent himself and partnered with his older brother Ivory to expand and excel in graphic design. Shortly the partnership, Ivory married and birthed a new company with his new wife, who  was also a graphic designer, leaving him the challenge of continuing the business.

Derek has been providing a diverse group of clients with creative designs and customized business solutions since 2002. Since then, he has been fortunate to establish a client base in other Ohio cities and several states including Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, North & South Carolina, Alabama and Texas. He has been a member of the Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine since it’s inception, now over seven years ago. He has one mission in mind: to create functional, dynamic graphics and web applications that produce results and meet client needs. It's that simple.

Derek is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and now resides in Columbus, Ohio.

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