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Willie L. Stewart

Willie L. Stewart Featured

Mr. Willie L. Stewart is the Chief Executive Officer of Trendsetters to Trendsetters Media Group, Inc., and the Publisher of three publications:  Trendsetters to Trendsetters™ Magazine, Latino Trendsetters™ Magazine, and FanSetters™ Sports Magazine.

Stewart’s three brands provide both digital and print media coverage around the world.  While the two Trendsetters publications focus on building strong personal, social, and corporate relationships, and providing positive and informative content; FanSetters™ Sports Magazine is dedicated specifically to sports and recognizing the sports fan.  The combined publications reach more than half a million online readers nationwide, and in the U.K., and distributes hard copy in nine major US cities.

Will Stewart has expert marketing capabilities, and has initiated numerous successful partnerships, and multiple business ventures.  He is originally from Canton, Ohio, and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing from Tiffin University.

Mr. Stewart’s next project is the launching of the non-profit “Building a Trendsetter Foundation” which will serve as a mentoring program for teaching life skills, self-development, and career counseling to teenagers moving into the workforce.  Stewart is passionate about grooming young adults for success and enforces his “three A’s and one I” rule that appearance, approach, and attitude equal image, and your image means everything!!!

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