MICHAELSTAR: Pop Star on the Rise!!

With a name, so eclectic as MichaelStar, it is only fair to believe that this creative young man is the golden star that the world has been waiting for.


Singing since he was 2, belting out his rendition of “My Sunshine Has Come” by Angie Stone with a microphone in his hand, MichaelStar has always had a special spark of talent in his blood. At the age of 3, MichaelStar's mother left New York to move to Atlanta as a life changing experience for MichaelStar to express more of his love for music and entertainment. This relocation, opened doors for MichaelStar to discover his musical and acting abilities. This multi-talented artist has been performing on stages since he was 8 years old and considered a career in entertainment at age 12. He has auditioned and landed the lead roles in over fifty plays and musicals throughout Georgia. 

 MichaelStar briefly took vocal and piano lessons at the Gwinnett School of Music. Along with his theater achievements, MichaelStar has performed for many charity events, such as Hosea Feed The Hungry and the Breast Cancer Awareness Program just to name a few. He has been featured on Comcast Television and WAEN TV. Currently, MichaelStar is signed with a talent agency called Real People Models and Talent Agency where he is frequently called out to casting calls for movies and commercial roles. Michael’s father is also a well-known recording Reggae artist who MichaelStar gets most of his inspiration from. He also admires the likes of Usher, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder and The Temptations. 

 MichaelStar is not only a musician, but also an actor, anti-bullying advocate, and an entrepreneur! He was recognized and awarded for his support and performances at various charity events landing him a winner in the 2014 Hot New Artist Award at the Clean Music Movement Awards in Atlanta. MichaelStar sets the bar high when he continues to master not only his musical abilities but his ability to remain humble and give back to those who need it the most. 

 Both of MichaelStar’s parents are from Jamaica, and even the request from his father for a reggae record has given him the inspiration for his new single “Jamaica” (a remixed version of Fats Domino’s Kansas City). Just recently MichaelStar traveled Jamaica to not only promote his new single but to also shoot the music video for the record, which was a very indescribable moment for MichaelStar. 

 He has been chosen to be the Artist of the Month for the month of July for a New Jack Radio in New York City and he will be returning to Jamaica to perform at the Kidz Hub Gala Awards. For all inquiries contact his Publicist the O’Kelly Factor at 678-431-6462.

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