Cathy Hughes's "MEDIA"—Not Just Another Film About Success and Infidelity "Sometimes the truth is more wicked than the lies embedded within the wealth...behind closed doors."

Beginning January 1981-1989 ABC aired Dynasty, a show about the Carringtons, a very esteemed family who lived in Denver, Colorado and endured every kind of issue, the "white collar" untouchables could serve up with a silver spoon. They were competitors to the show Dallas, that aired on CBS from 1978-1991.

Both families showcased immeasurable wealth and twisted deceitful acts that money enticed them into with blind lusts. It was on Dynasty, that we saw the first wealthy African American woman, Diahann Carroll,in a role like this; and, for many of us, it was a defining moment. For some, understanding what a family like that had to endure, was a best-kept secret...but, for others, it was a lifestyle that even then, many accomplished African American households knew...all too well, but never disclosed, because they didn't want to upset the neatly placed stitches within the confines of the fabric of society. 

Well, it's high time we rip off the blinders and open our eyes to share those stories, especially after watching our first African American President, who was a "President of the People," and First Family, a family who gracefully handled every chess move with integrity and tact. Although the color of our President's skin was a big issue most of the time...President Obama's decisions were made in retrospect for the betterment of ALL people in this country.

Coming this Winter 2017 to TV ONE, Founder and Media Mogul, Cathy Hughes, will air the first of its kind, a film that will allow you to indulge into a world that eats truth for breakfast, tosses back glasses of "don't even think about it" for lunch in the parlor, and goes to bed to the lulling of safe clicks locking up the deviant thoughts that will keep their millions secure. MEDIA, is an original movie about The Jones family, executive produced by the Radio One Founder and Chairperson. This powerful family dynasty will give larger than life elements this family will face, when years of hidden secrets surface to haunt them. Matriarch and Media Communications Guru of Jones Universal Media Properties (JUMP), Jackie Jones, is teaching her son and ruthless protege, Clay Jones, in second command, the ropes, while supporting her only daughter, Crystal Jones', ambition as CFO. She continuously covers for her creative and youngest son, Anthony Jones, whose addiction will cost them more than what they are willing to pay, all while balancing her son, Michael Jones, whose life as the city's successful attorney and prosecutor, was knocking at the Mayor's door, before tragedy struck. Now, the family must band together, and do whatever it takes to remain in control of the family business, as corruption, infidelity, and crimson murder-mayhem ooze from the once pearly white walls of their safe-haven. MEDIA's cast features Brian White, Penny Johnson-Jerald, Pooch Hall, Gary Dourden, Stephen Bishop, Chrystee Pharris, Blue Kimble, Finesse Mitchell, Jimmy Gonzales, Stelio Savante, Jillian Reeves de Ortiz, Jasmine Kaur, Diane Kirby, and MORE!

This project has been in the works for six years and now it will be available for the world to see! You don't want to miss it! An exclusive interview with some of the leading cast gives an insight into just what you can expect to see and the journey it took to get there. They leave us with some penetrating advice as to why we need to be tuned in when this show airs and a few personal treats of wisdom.



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