Who is Kimberly Arrington?

Kimberly Arrington has quickly become one of the leading authorities in Empowerment, Personal Development, Relationships and Entrepreneurship. Through her innovative and creative strategies she has been sought after by both men and women, as well as organizations to speak and facilitate in those areas.

With her unique style, personality, and training with some of the most astute businesses, as well as sales people in the financial arena, Arrington has adopted a winning attitude that she takes with her everywhere she goes. That “winning attitude” incorporates all that she has learned from personal experiences, and knowledge gained throughout her life.

While trading as a Commodities Broker, and establishing herself as a business owner, Arrington realized that her greatest purpose was to show others how to really love who they are. With the right mixture of Inspiration, motivation, and vision, she challenges her audiences to be who they were created to be, and believes all of us are created to win.

Her Philosophy: No one was created to Lose.

How Inspirational Beauty Was Born

Starting with Inspirational and Motivational daily posts via social media, Arrington quickly realized that with her gift, she was serving more than just her audience; she believed she was on assignment from the Creator himself.

After being contacted by a local newspaper because of her ability to inspire women to be beautiful from the inside out, Arrington was challenged by the newspaper editor to take things further. An interview about her life was running in the newspaper, and she was given 24 hours to come up with a name that would describe exactly who she was. That day, Inspirational Beauty was born.

What started as a simple way to make herself feel better as a result of a broken relationship, soon became an inspiration to many women all around the world. It began as a blog entitled “The Inspirational Corner” and has now reached over 4 million views. The blog encouraged women to love themselves from the inside out, and also provided practical beauty and makeup tips. But, Arrington soon discovered that women everywhere wanted more from her. She began to share what she learned about relationships and business, and who she was spiritually. This resulted in a new group of people who were now reaching out to her.

With her very easy and practical steps to business, and insight in relationship matters, Arrington began to attract men who would eventually seek her expertise in coaching and consulting in those areas. This led her to create an Online University.

Creation of I Am Me University

After much thought and prayer, Arrington wanted to take her gifts and assignment much further. She was led to start and build a community of women to guide, mentor, and teach how to love themselves completely. By using practical teachings mixed with spiritual truths that she used in her coaching business, Arrington was able to see a shift in the lives of everyday women who bought into this unique membership. What started as a small community, has grown into a beautiful sisterhood of women from all over The United States, as well as Europe. With the amazing testimonies of women in the community, it was realized and now documented that Arrington’s creative approach was exactly the method the women needed. The sisterhood soon appealed to the male population who quickly supported this effort. By promoting the University to bring awareness, this effort reached the airwaves appreciated by both men and women alike.

I Am Me Radio

I Am Me Radio was formed as an extension of I Am Me University to provide a place for women to hear from the ladies of the University. The show quickly built a following of men and women who wanted to be inspired by its host. With a great format and great guests, I Am Me Radio quickly expanded into two other shows.

Simply IB

Simply IB which stands for Inspirational Beauty is the Brain Child of Arrington. It is a very unique radio show that dives into the world of theatrics. With a written script, cast and post discussion after each show, this show brings topics that matter most to its audience. Local, as well as world events are discussed weekly on The I Am Me Radio Network. The show airs on Wednesdays at 8pm eastern at www.blogtalkradio.com/Iammeradio.com, and is for the entire family.

Man Talk 101

This show uses a witty, fun and energetic format for the man who wants to learn how to use practical steps in business, relationships, and every day life. Arrington and Vincent K. Harris (Real Estate Investor and Business Magnet) host Man Talk 101 which also features current music, and questions from the VAULT. It is a show you don't want to miss. Man Talk 101 airs weekly on Saturdays at 11 a.m. EST.

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