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This winter was a challenging time for Atlantans. This season we had a few extra days off to sit home and stuff our faces with food, we really didn’t need, only because there was nothing else to do. And now that spring is here, it’s time to do a little spring cleaning. And nothing says spring cleaning for the body like a great detox program! 

To detox the body is to remove toxins from the body so it can function better. Overweight and obese people have toxic bodies. Simply put. It is a known fact that our fat molecules store toxins. We accumulate toxins from additives and chemicals in processed foods, cigarettes, pollution in our environment, stress, and bad bacteria within our bodies that release toxins into our blood stream. Our organs work over time eliminating toxic agents through perspiration, urine, and bowel movements. But sometimes our bodies are so weighed down with garbage that we have to detox to reset our bodies.

If you are experiencing unexplained body aches and pain, tiredness, mental confusion, or belly bloat, then you may have had one too many cartons of super- sized fries at your local burger joint. It is time for you to take a few days out of your busy schedule and handle the business of cleaning out your temple.

Our Big Boned Philosophy embraces healthy, holistic methods of detoxing that anyone can work into a busy schedule, or shop for in the local grocery aisle. Fasting from solid foods, and drinking fruit and vegetable juice, has been proven to cleanse the system and heal the body. Drinking more water throughout the day keeps you full and flushes out your kidneys. A salt water flush will clear fecal matter from your intestinal tract and can work better than an expensive colonic. Exercise works your muscle groups and stimulates bowel movement. Sitting in the sauna and allowing yourself to sweat also eliminates toxins. But the biggest thing about detoxing is the effects of detoxing… inevitable weight loss. All of these detox methods facilitate weight loss. A healthy weight loss regimen should at all costs include some type of detox method. It will make you feel incredible on the inside, which will inspire you to look even better on the outside.

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