The Prince of Sophisticated Soul has done it again!

His last album, Euphoria, combined the soulful sounds of R&B and Jazz to create melodies and lyrics that shared a little flava with both genres, for his dedicated fans. Now, get ready for the New Chocolate Drop album, filled with the sensational and audible sounds of Will Downing’s smooth R&B vocals, flowing just like the delectable title that bears its name. He’s dropping spectacular sounds that are continually tugging at the heartstrings of the ageless baby-boomers, peaking the curiosity of the young crazy-in-love generation, and even opening a floodgate of heart-stopping memories—for the young-at-heart. In other words, Will’s faithful fans who have followed him for 29 years…18 albums later, will not be disappointed. He’s even picking up some new generation music lovers who are developing a savory appetite for the sultry and familiar “old school” R&B sounds that many have labeled, “baby-making” music.

It is apparent that the success of Will Downing’s music comes from his consistent ability to share songs that are relevant today. I am talking about those timeless scenarios that speak about love and relationships that he knows all too well. He shares that the inspirations behind the songs come from his own experiences. I live it every day, the good and the bad. I also observe those around me, like my kids and their relationships. I believe that it’s important to talk about the things we and others go through that will be repeated for generations. This type of music will always be relevant to the time you are living in, no matter when that may occur, Will explains.

Although his music spans across the sands of time, the Chocolate Drop album will quench the thirst of the most advantageous person seeking for that heart-throb answer to love, or appease the tastebuds of the one in need of a solution to their broken heart. Actually, I think as a whole, this album from top to bottom will be something for everyone. Whatever you play on it, I am proud of, Will elaborates. So what are the scrumptious melodies that you can expect to hear? Let me give you a mouth-watering sample. Will has two classic remixes, and the first of the two is Saving All My Love for You by the late and amazingly talented, Whitney Houston. You’ve heard Whitney’s breathtaking version, but now you can indulge in the scintillating vocals from a man’s perspective. Will Downing was on tour with Patti LaBelle when he was inspired to sing this song during sound check one day. His keyboardist started playing it and he said the composition just began to flow. Then he jumped in singing the familiar tunes as the rest of the band joined in and it erupted into some rearrangements taking place. One thing is for sure, Will Downing has some of the most talented groups of musicians working with him and ready to spark a flame no matter where they are. The other classic tune is entitled, Does Your Momma Know About Me, a 60’s track that expounds upon interracial dating originally cut by Bobby Taylor. Will manages to share the intimate notion in such a way, that you find yourself rooting for the couple just from the sweet lingering tones; and, realize that “love is just love” no matter the color of your skin. The next track to get you in the lollipop-mood is This Song Is For You. This song is the candy-man version of inspiration to those who need that little extra encouragement, and it is sung to the tempo of a Stepper’s beat. Next on the list of “sweets for my sweetie.” is I Could Never Say No To You. For all you lovers who find it hard to resist doing whatever it takes to please that love of your life, Will Downing draws you into the storyline with tantalizing crooning that will either have you wishing that you were the object of that man’s affection, or taking notes on how to keep her from saying no, to you. And the last tasty treat on the “platter of love” is a chocolate-covered strawberry temptation created just for YOU, Till U Come Back. This number is toe-curling and sure to make you put it on repeat. That’s enough drooling for now; lick your lips, and remember… when Will Downing’s Chocolate Drop album…drops in April 2015, make sure you are there to catch it (wink), and get your copy as quick as you can.

Just in case you were wondering how this magnificently sexy and soulful artist is able to put out hit-after-hit for his fans…it came from his deep spiritual connection, and realizing early on that one of his gifts was singing. The foundation was inspired by some of the late-greats like, Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross, along with Stevie Wonder who is still “relevant” today. So, Will is determined to produce albums that are timeless, no matter the change of the times, or his battle with health issues. He is only slowing down long enough to keep lighting fires under romance and retaining its kindle by adding his own cinnamon touch of a “spice o’ life” for the grown and sexy fans.

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