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What It Takes
What is the “WHAT IT TAKES” Professional Series?
Care Givers 911
Bronze Lens
5TH ANNUAL BronzeLens Film Festival October 23-26, 2014

A Toast to Love

“Balancing love and business has been quite interesting to say the least, especially when there are also two very active little boys thrown into the mix,” says Renee Rowe, President of The Wine Cellars in Smyrna, Georgia.

Are We Really Serving Our Communities?

As realtors, are we really serving our communities? 

Innoss’B “A Musician and an Ambassador for Peace.”

When we think of an ambassador, we think politics.  Then we picture men (adults) in suits. 

Health Is Wealth

With the exception of our families, our values, and our reputations, nothing in our lives can be more priceless than our physical well-being.

HOUSTON'S "Powerhouse of Comedy" Deva Mack

Houston’s “Powerhouse of Comedy” Deva Mack  started as a stand-up comedian eight years ago. Her brand of comedy is all about real talk covering relationships and life in general.

Big Bone Fitness & Health PART 2

Happy New Year from Big Boned Fitness! As you settle into the new year I’m pretty sure you found a few extra pounds have gravitated towards your waistline. You are not alone. 

Tiger Woods Comeback

As many of you know Tiger Woods is back in the game and he’s taking the number one spot.

Trish Standley: Debut Single "Cheer Up"

December of 2009 marked the launch of the artistic expression of Trish Standley when she showcased her debut project titled, “Introducing…Trish.”


Akema Day is an Author, Motivational Speaker, and a certified Life Coach who specializes in personal, career, and relationship counseling.

Beauty and Brains Lupita Nyong’o is taking the world by storm-one red carpet at a time

True Beauty Exudes From Within. From her breakout performance in 12 Years a Slave that landed her Best Supporting Actress Academy Award, to her moving acceptance speech at the Black Women in Hollywood luncheon, this is Lupita Nyong’o’s year.

Travel Must Have: Freshen Up Kit!

Travel Must Have: Freshen Up Kit!
This past winter was one of the most brutal winters in history. Winter weather shut down several airports which cancelled thousands of flights. Travelers were left stranded in airports for days with their luggage stuck in holding areas. No access to a hotel or shower facilities to freshen up can drive a person crazy (lol). Before you take another vacation, we suggest you create your very own ‘freshen up kit!’

A Delightful Duo

Dara Benedit says that she and her husband, Willie, began dating while in junior high school. “We have been together for over 32 years and married for 25.”

Foreclosure 411

The current U.S. housing market and financial crisis have caused tremendous stress and heartache for families across America.

FALLAWN STROLGER: Her Musical Taste is Eclectic

Her voice can be described as angelic, yet very soulful in its purist form.

Angelic Arms Home Hospice, Tina Topping: CALLED TO A MISSION OF SERVICE

While most people hear the word, “hospice” and cringe, it is actually in reference to something that leads to a natural way of life.

ADRAINE CONRAD - A. Conrad Fitness

For as long as I can remember I have always been active, playing sports, running and enjoying life.

“There’s a new Sheriff in town!” Carl Payne II

Trendsetter to Trendsetters Magazine caught up with actor, Carl Payne II, while he was on location in Chicago with the Universal Circus.